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by Attik Door

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released December 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Attik Door San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Run Away
You know that something ain’t right
Your heart wont tell you no lies
And when you see him walking in you know he’s off the night

Your feet go left you go right
Your heart speeds up in your flight
And in your mind there is just one
Repeating line

Run away Run away Run away
Run away and save you life

Run away Run away Run away and save your…

When you where all very young
You feared not whats to come
And didn’t think on not at all
You’d hear him call
But there he is real as life
He’s eyes like magnetic ice
And you cant help but follow him
Onto your end

Run away….
Track Name: Vampir
Sounds of a moonless night
Burning lust destroys my Mind
I need you and you need lies
I’ll tell a few and you will be mine

Let me enter through your doors
And you’ll feel alone no more
I carry a scent of sin
Breathe it all in and disappear

I am walking through lives and faces
I am flying through time and places
Don’t resist all the pain that I bring
After all pain is what sets you free

Velvet skin cunning eyes
I am your jewel I am your pride
You fear me but still you know
While I’m here you wont let me go

In this life there are many others
Longing for you wanting my place
But you're blind and you are weak
That is why it’s me you seek
Track Name: Vanity
I am what your Daddy told you of
I am what your Mama warned you of
There’s no reason for your meekness
I’m your strength and not your weakness

We don’t have to always make it
Win or lose we can just fake it
Lies and smiles as your armor
Fame and fortune soon to follow

I am all you know
Give in and I'll show
You what they all want
And how them you control

You have all it takes
Your looks and your brains
So make no mistakes,
You can have it all

Don’t lie you can feel me growing
Through your veins you feel me flowing
Look for me in your reflection
I’m what makes you see perfection

Jealousy and hate abound
From those losers all around
Greatness no one understands
You'll be fine without friends
Track Name: Secret
I’m feeling left alone
In silence on my own
And now we can not be the same

I needed you to know
And so the truth I told
And now you're pushing me away

Look at me you see I’m crying
It hurt me to lie to you
We can not go on denying
That this is now your secret too

Please keep my secret baby
Baby please
Please keep my secret baby
Baby please

The choices that I made
Could never be explained
I thought I did the best for you

And now I feel betrayed
Betrayed by my mistake
Mistake that we can not undo

So don’t say you can not stay with me
Any longer
When you know that each day
Our love grows stronger

So don’t say you can not say with me Any longer
I am afraid without you
I can not fight this horror