Never in Agreement

by Attik Door

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The full-length album contains 10 songs written over last year and a half. Some songs are a continuation of AD’s earlier style that the band is known for among its fans, while others include new elements that show how much the band has grown since its debut record. Overall, the album is a new chapter of the band’s music made with better quality, higher octane and more charisma than ever before.


released February 7, 2015



all rights reserved


Attik Door San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Posers
Verse 1:
Well enough about me
I wanna know about you
I hear you’re doing real well
I ran into your crew
I hear you stole some ideas
Passed them off as your own
I hear your real good at something
That you don't even know

I wanna hear
Tell me more about you
I wanna know all the details and your secrets too
I wanna learn
Sign me up for your class
I wanna know, how can someone sell the skin off their back

So many of you out here
Saying you’re going somewhere
But you’re just hanging round
And wasting my time

You’re telling me your stories
And basking in your glory
But I’m just praying
They won't make more of your kind

Verse 2:
Well you are so proud
That you ain't got no shame
Like a fool you think
Thats makes you a man
Tell me baby
How it’s easy for you
Just to do all those little things that you do
Track Name: Bleed
Verse 1:
When you were young you were like all the other kids
But your folks didn't have the time to give a shit
Anytime you'd get in trouble they would cry
And take you to a doctor so he'd tell them what and why

He'd medicate you so he wouldn't have to think
And upped the dose whenever you where at the brink
And so you wandered like a zombie through your school
With everyone just thinking that you were just too ...

Hey hey hey
This life is way more strange than it may seem
Hey hey hey
And you won't know all of it till you bleed
Hey hey hey
You can't just fix it with another pill
Hey hey hey
Open your door

You will see
The view outside is better than you've ever dreamed
You will know
But only if you face the tough walk through that door

Verse 2:
And now you closed your door and threw away the key
But deep inside you look for what can make you bleed
You’re so afraid that you’ll feel anything at all
And yet you keep looking out of that key hole

Behind that door you dress up fear In apathy
Pretending like you've seen all that is to be seen
Erasing easily your highs and all your lows
With just the right amount of Pills and alcohol

Verse 3:
And then one day you go outside and feel the rain
That feeling that you have inside you just can't explain
You never felt anything close to that before
It overwhelms and rips you down to you core

You want to scream but you just don't remember how
And people says you need to hide that shit somehow
Its hard to be a human being among the filth
And that is what I call the modern day disease
Track Name: The Front
Verse 1:
Would you like it if I stayed
Or would you have me leave instead?
In our endless bickering
I don't know what to feel

I'm not gonna say that I want out
But I’m getting close to just about
Every word you say is like a seed
Growing roots inside me as I bleed

Oooh yeah
You might just win this battle
Oooh yeah
But you will lose the war

Verse 2:
Would you say it's just a phase
And if we get through this we are saved?
Is there anything at all
To keep me from that door?

I don't want to drink from empty cups
Waiting for a day that never comes
Maybe in the next act of this play
We just go on our separate ways
Track Name: California
Verse 1:
In the yellow days of the fall I'll
Make my way to California
Watch my days in shaded glasses
Let my soul entwine with golden masses

When the evening sun strokes the ocean
I'll be drinking in all her potions
Gazing at the lit up screen say
Everything is easy if you believe

Walk the streets and feel like strangers
In the land where every kid’s a danger
Where the grass is always greener
And the sky is always clearer

You can never do no wrong
In this land where everything in norm
Where the geeks dine with the freaks
And the cops are turning tricks

Verse 2:
A beginning is never over when you live in California
Every kid from here to never
Hopes to make a buck from being clever

When the evening sun strokes the ocean
I'll be drinking in all her potions
All her lessons all her lies
Every thing is easy if you just try
Track Name: Snorting Headlines
Verse 1:
Where is the fire that you see?
Where are the flames you want me to feel?
You are so sure of what you know, that all your systems are at go

What are these words, truth or lies?
How do you judge them in your mind?
Why in this world of blind deceit, how can you believe?

How can you see? Tell me now
Without a doubt, why and how?
Why are you shouting at the world stop and think again

You’re just like a stumbling fool
You’re falling for same game, the same ol' ruse
Wound up like a bull in a bout
Too mad to see you’re just following the blind

Verse 2:
Why can't you see
All these lies?
A spider's web
Catching flies
You’re like a puppet in a play
Dancing on their stage

Take off that collar
Round your neck
You’re not a card
In their deck
You will not learn all that you need
If you keep looking at that screen
Track Name: Cyber World
Verse 1:
Too late to stand down, too late to let it all go on as always
What comes will go round, the pieces fell and we all made our choices

Verse 2:
Too late to tell lies let all the worlds see what our kings are made of
Tear off their disguise and let them crawl to safety, to their corners

They mock the world and play their show as if to them we do not matter
All while behind their walls the chosen few bid for us who'll live or perish

Their rotten smiles
And polished lies
Let’s show them that we can break them from the inside
Break down their walls and let all the person know
This is now our cyber world

Verse 3:
We have no faces, there are no names among us only voices
They cannot trace us there are no walls no places that can hold us
Track Name: Kosmos
Verse 1:
Bom-deegee-dagga-dagga we don’t have to
Die someday
Bom-deegee-dagga-dagga let’s just fly to
Outer space
I guess we don’t know which way to go
But I've never been afraid
Of the unknown

You can't just say that this is it
We have so much to see
Oh close your eyes and feel it
Just take a deeper breath and fly away
Breathe in and feel it

Verse 2:
Bom-deegee-dagga-dagga all our dreams have
Become real
Bom-deegee-dagga-dagga if its so we'll
Get out of here
I know we can find the way to go
We have never been afraid
Of the unknown
Track Name: Spinning Out
Verse 1:
I won’t last much more
My nerves are getting worn
This place is wicked
I can hardly breathe here

I can’t win these odds
These knots will get undone
Under the white lights
This web is just too tight

Bridge 1:
And in the dark sky
I see
All my castles crashing

Help I’m spinning around
Can I just let it all fall now
And watch it fall
Help I’m spinning out
And I can let it all go now
And let it go
And let it go

Verse 2:
Just breathe in and out
My walls are crashing down
There is no running
No use to deny it

Dive into the deep
Take in what it may bring
And in the defeat
There might be my relief

Bridge 2:
And In the darkness
All I
Hear is my heart beating
Track Name: Moody
Verse 1:
I’m digging in, ready for war
Cause I see signs I've seen before
There's no telling what will go down
When Debbie Downers coming around
How should I act, what should I do?
What should I say for this shit to end?
And once again, just as before
You made another hole in our wall
Why’d you do that?

You’re so fucking moody- lalaa
So moody - lalalala
Your fucking moody- lalaa
Soo moody-lalalala

Verse 2:
What do you know? After the storm
You’re sweet as pie, kisses and all
And only I'm shaking ready to jet
Packing my shit as fast as I can
You are confused. What did you do?
You just don't get why I'm in a bad mood
Being with you it has been fun
But I think I should start packing a gun
Cause you are just...
Track Name: Time
Verse 1:
I'm always a step too late
It's written in my fate
Time's just not on my side
Waiting to take bite

At the end
Time will win
I forget
I forget that

Chorus 1:
Time's a lie
Always escaping
Hard and demanding

Time's a lie
Why so relentless?

Verse 2:
Oh it's knocking at my door
Wanting a little more
Saving the best for last
And I can only laugh

In the end
Time will win
But you can
Be everlasting

Chorus 2:
Time's a lie
Always escaping
Hard and demanding

Time's a lie
Why so relentless?
This fight is endless